It's good to get it off your chest. Take back the careless word, admit you forgot the birthday, confess to that fling with your wife's mother, apologise for fire-bombing a public building. Even, as might be the case with a couple of my colleagues at work, simply declare, "Yes, I am an irritating, small-minded, unnecessary burden on the earth's gravity." (You know who you are.)



















Oh, I suppose I should mention that if you're not viewing this page in 800x600 you're pretty much screwed.

Well, now's your chance. You, yes YOU, can unburden yourself of that suppressed admission of culpability which has been eating away at your insides. What's more, let's take this opportunity to nudge others towards a confessional catharsis by suggesting some 'sorrys' which are well overdue. Either way, The Apology Homepage is just an e-mail away.

And First into the Box...


  • Mil would like to apologise: For the only thing for which his girlfriend hasn't yet blamed him; The eruption of Mount St Helens. Sorry - don't know what I was thinking.

  • Alanis Morissette should apologise: For having you believe that she's absolutely marvellous, then starting to play that bleeding harmonica.

  • The tragic waste of blood who invented shower gel should apologise: A way to make soap difficult to use. Nice one.

  • Ken Russell should apologise: For all of his films apart from The Devils. Obviously.


    Getting the idea?


    (I decided to get a new guestbook, by the way. Also, I decided to move it to the Things page. I'm a two-decisions-a-day kind of guy.)