Well, that's that. Then. There's no need for this page any more.

It used to be razor-wire satire on the stupidness of, oooh, lots of things. Nonsense about 'obscenity', the evil idiocy of attempting to control what people put on the internet, etc. - all viewed from the microcosm of Wolverhampton University's web page rules.

However, I was asked (and there wasn't much 'asking' about it, you'll already have gleaned) at 4.00pm on Friday the 9th of June 2000 to remove all traces of the entire Apology Homepage from Wolverhampton University's server as quickly as possible, lest it drag the whole establishment into a rasping pit of vice and horror.

So who's interested in link pages otherwise? Exactly. I'll leave it here as a kind of memorial. It's oddly poignant, isn't it?

No, no - I've just got something in my eye, that's all.